Julia Berkeley, began life in Burundi, central Africa. She wonders if her birthplace contributed to her passion for dance, song, and living a path with heart. It certainly set the stage for a life of travel and exploration.

After a somewhat serious UK boarding school education, followed by obtaining a BA in mathematics at Brown University, Julia found herself in pursuit of freedom. This took many twists and turns eventually landing her in a meditation course at the age of 29. Although she had practised yoga for some time, beginning meditation was the real catalyst for a dramatic soul shift.  While working as a graphic designer in Australia she suddenly found herself drawn to the healing arts of shamanism, energetic healing, counselling and flower essences.  During this time she was dancing a lot and spontaneously received and created her own conscious movement course, Divine Motion. She successfully taught series and workshops in dance, meditation and shamanism, and had a private healing practice.

She journeyed through Australia as well as to India, Peru and Mexico spending time with healers and sages traversing the mystical and the mundane, eventually landing in Ojai, California where she currently resides.

It was here that yoga swooped her up and put her to work. She obtained her Yoga alliance RYT 500 cert through training with beloved teachers Saul David Raye and Kira Ryder. A bhakti at heart, her devotion magically flourished through these trainings in the form of Kirtan, later resulting in the release of her first EP, Embody Love. Concurrently her love of movement landed her as a Soul Motion® facilitator. In this practice she guides movers, through embodied enquiry, to cultivate presence, relaxation and freedom.

A life of travel and exploration has gifted Julia with the awareness that all paths lead to the one all pervading presence that dwells within the heart. Whether dancing, singing or on the yoga mat, she invites you, here and now, to rest into your true Self, that which is already and always whole, complete and perfect.


  • E-RYT 500, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher

  • Soul Motion® Facilitator

  • Dancing Freedom Facilitator

  • Dip. Soul Care and Shamanic Healing

  • Cert. Counseling

  • Cert. Energetic Healing

  • Dip. Energetic and Shamanic Healing

  • Cert. Australian Bush Flower Essences practitioner

  • Cert. Delta Gardens Flower Essence practitioner

Anything that Julia Berkeley does is worthy of notice.
— Gilles Messenger, Ojai