We could not have had a better experience with Julia! After she left, our group said things like: “best experience I’ve ever had”, “so inspiring”, “captivating”, “magical”. We all left feeling better than we did before, which I’m sure is the goal! We all absolutely LOVED it! She had such a beautiful and calming presence about her. And her musical aspect was stunning!
— Lauren Guzman
If you find yourself in Ojai look up Julia Berkeley and do some yoga or have a healing session - mind blowing!
— Alicia Toney, Seattle, WA, USA
I love Julia Berkeley’s Kirtan. She brings a special sweetness and love to the experience like none other. During her events I feel completely connected to my divine self and connected to my deepest joy. You can really feel her love radiating to everyone joining in. Its impossible not to leave feeling better. Bless you Julia for sharing the love and spreading more love in the world.
— Jennifer Martin, Ojai, CA, USA, Loving Your Business to Wealth Coach & Miracle Manifestation Group Facilitator, JMartin@ZestBusinessConsulting.com
Since 2015, I have been going to Julia’s yoga classes. I have been to her soul motion class and I attend her kirtans every few months. The spirituality Julia brings to us during practice, combined with her gorgeous music and singing voice, turn all these sessions into experiences that enrich my days, week and month. I consider them crucial to my physical and mental well-being. We are lucky to have Julia in our midst. I cannot wait to buy her EP.
— N. Morris, Ojai, CA, USA
Soul Motion Saturdays with Julia Berkeley was amazing! I cried, I laughed, I moved slow, fast and in between. I played with others and went deep within myself. Julia’s grace and depth accompanied by her beautiful playlist create a transformational movement experience! Thank you, Julia!!
— Sat Nishan Kaur, aka Amy Sunshine Therrien, Ojai, CA, USA, Kundalini yoga teacher, healer, musician, www.satnishankaur.com
Julia’s yoga teaching has guided me toward a new way to inhabit my body. After 71 years, I am more aware of breathing, and I feel more connected to the earth.
— Leslie Chatwin, Ojai, CA, USA
Julia is amazing! You will not leave your time with her unfulfilled. My heart is beaming with so much buzz and love when I leave this class I can hardly stand it!
— Theraysa Gapasin, Ojai, CA, USA
I had the most superb healing experience with Julia.  I had not really expected anything on going to visit her, but during the 4 sessions I experienced several profound spiritual breakthroughs, and most importantly, she helped me release something that had been lurking in me for some 20 years.  Afterwards I felt not only lighter, but quite overjoyed.  Julia is a very gifted and intuitive healer and I thoroughly recommend having a session with her!”
— Annabel O. Sydney, Australia
A truly healing and magical experience! Through gentle and caring sessions I uncovered blocks in my life that I was not aware where even there. I gained clarity and confidence to follow my heart - opportunities that have now changed my life quickly presented themselves. Thanks for helping me slow down so I could hear myself.
— Leonie Harding, Life Coach, Sydney, Australia, www.corporate-edge.com.au/staff/leonie-harding/
I can’t thank you enough for the most amazing experience! It was amazing how you were able to guide me to a place I never even knew existed. I am so excited to be able to honour my heart and know this is “only the start”. It truly was a life-changing experience and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for it!
— Dawn Guidone, NY, USA
I came to this course to find my mojo, find my fire again. I found that I had it all the time, no need to look outside and just to look within. Julia and Divine Motion provided the perfect guidance and support for this. I thoroughly recommend this course. It was deep and moving.
— Mari Jon Berna, Sydney, Australia
I’ve had the privilege of participating in Julia’s Soul Motion classes. Her love of guiding us into a more intimate relationship between our spiritual selves and our bodies can be felt as individuals and as a group. It’s deeply gratifying to have fun moving as a group and to see the emotional and physical healing that takes place during and after the class. I’m partial to gifted teachers and healers. Julia’s an outstanding example of both.
— Giles Messenger, Ojai, CA, USA
I love Julia! She has the gift of being able to really see the essence of those who work with her. She holds a safe, loving space for her students... in Julia’s classes I always feel free to explore and play and take chances! I have attended Julia’s Yoga classes for years. I have also participated in her Soul Motion and Kirtan sessions. These activities always open new doors for me. Julia is nurturing, encouraging, and most of all, FUN. What a blessing she is!!
— Julie Soske, Teacher, Ojai, CA, USA
I found Julia’s workshop at the right time in my life. I have built better relationships with people, I have let go of many things and my eyes have been opened. I dont know was this a result of this workshop but my path in life has changed since attending.
— Erin Ryan, Syndey, Australia
Julia is truly a gem. I have been fortunate enough to participate in both her kirtans and soul motion movement “experiences” and they are both amazing. I leave feeling I’ve gone on a special journey. Though both are very different, what they have in common is bringing forth feelings of community, joy, love and the desire to share these experiences with others. Her heart speaks, or rather sings, volumes. In fact, I recently shared with my husband how much I would LOVE to have a cd with Julia singing the Kirtan chants and lo and behold, within a couple of weeks came her announcement that it was in the works! HURRAY!! Can’t wait!
— Kate Moise, Ojai, CA, USA