Free your voice, open your heart and let your soul soar through the practice of Kirtan.

Kirtan is a call and response chanting practice that moves the heart towards an experience of inner silence, boundless love, and intimate union with the Divine.  While singing is involved it is not necessary to be able to sing or sound good. As you allow the sacred sounds of the mantras to vibrate through the body it has the magical effect of raising the vibration in the body, mind, heart and soul, very quickly bringing a sense of wellbeing and happiness. This effect can often be felt way beyond the duration of the practice. The more you chant the more this feeling of wellbeing starts to permeate your daily life.

The repetition of the holy names reveals a presence hidden within the heart. Something begins to happen that’s very disturbing - we get happy.
— Krishna Das

Note from Julia:

“Up until a few years ago I really believed I couldn’t sing or hold a tune. Then I found Kirtan. Because it is a practice that focuses on singing from the heart without worrying about how it sounds it allowed me to let my voice open up. With it came a flowering of creativity and greater self expression. I invite you to bring your apprehension, leave any ideas of ‘not good enough’ at the door and try it out for yourself. As you allow sound to travel through your body, and give permission to your life force and creative energy to flow more freely, magic will unfold!”


Join Julia for one of her regular Sing Your Heart Out Kirtan sessions in Ojai:


Julia is truly a gem.  I have been fortunate enough to participate in both her kirtans and soul motion movement “experiences” and they are both amazing. I leave feeling I’ve gone on a special journey.  Though both are very different, what they have in common is bringing forth feelings of community, joy, love and the desire to share these experiences with others.  Her heart speaks, or rather sings, volumes.
— Kate Moise