I recently had the great fortune to spend 4 days in the desert with a group of kirtan loving, yoga loving, breath loving, peace loving, love loving amazing souls... Bhakti Fest. For years now we have been gathering and the feeling for me of being there is of arriving home and being with true heart and soul family. This time more than ever I felt the collective wave of love that is arising in the midst of these crazy times we find ourselves in. As Rumi says "The wound is the place where the light enters you". And it seems that the wound in our world, in our collective psyche, is also giving birth to a big beautiful ray of light.

One of the greatest blessings for me at this Bhakti Fest was getting to sit with Prem Baba, a Brazilian spiritual teacher. Prem means love in Sanskrit and truly he is an embodiment of pure love. 

He was asked "What is one thing we can do for mother earth and for our world at this time?" His reply was simple and yet profound.

"Stop Complaining." he said. "Create a wave of contentment to support mother earth in her labor pains as she gives birth to the new consciousness."

You and I, we are all part of this new consciousness awakening. A consciousness of love, peace, kindness, compassion. It is happening through us. In the midst of challenge and upheaval. It is happening. 

So how do we stop complaining and amplify the wave of contentment? Notice it. Pay attention. How does it feel in your body as you find yourself in a moment of complaining about the weather or the current political situation? Where is that located in your body?

As you pay attention to the body signals and the way complaining feels you might start to catch the symptoms before the words rise up. Perhaps it shows up as a tightness of breath or a locked jaw. A niggling sense of irritation or unease. It is that initial inner resistance to what is arising.

Can you begin to notice these details, in the quiet moments. In this simple act of noticing you then create the opportunity to hold yourself differently in relationship to each moment and to what is arising. 

They say God is in the details. I'd like to translate this to contentment, or love, is in the details. An open hand, a relaxed jaw, an inner smile. Stay close, pay attention to the details of you. In such seemingly small ways new worlds are born.