“Embody Love” is Julia's first release,
a 5 track EP of devotional Kirtan-inspired melodies.

Her voice opens the heart while the mantras bring medicine to the soul. These songs, combining contemporary melodies and a transmission of peace, are sure to both relax and uplift anyone who listens.

Allow yourself to be transported in this journey of sound.

  • The first track, Call to the Guru, invokes your inner and outer teacher, the Guru, the one who brings light to the dark.
  • Ganesha Sharanam invokes the priniciple that will help you move graciously through challenges and obstacles in your path.
  • Govinda Jaya Jaya calls you home to the love that you are.
  • Summon the potency and power of the divine feminine through Kali Ma.
  • And finally be absorbed into the essence of the Sun, Gayatri, as Juby sings the Gayatri mantra reminding us of our essential nature as shining light.
Julia Berkeley | Kirtan Musician
Julia’s music is an automatic attitude adjustment. Her album is infused with love, joy, devotion and playfulness and her etheric voice goes straight to your heart.
— Lisa

The EP is now available on most music streams. 

Listen here on bandcamp.