Allow yourself to be supported in a gentle yet powerful space to access the essential beauty and wholeness that is your true nature.

I can’t thank you enough for the most amazing experience!  It was amazing how you were able to guide me to a place I never even knew existed. I am so excited to be able to honor my heart and know this is “only the start”. It truly was a life-changing experience and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for it!
— Dawn Guidone

While radiant joy, peace and love is your essential nature this is not always the experience you may be having in life. As you journey through the unwinding of the personality and egoic-binds on the way to remembering your true Self, the ride can get bumpy. And this is where enlisting the support and presence of another can be essential. 

Whether you're needing support in a challenging time or simply wanting to awaken more into the joy, creativity, passion and purpose that comes when you align with your essence, Julia holds a loving and grace-filled space to support you to unveil the gold that lies within.

Julia draws on 10 years of shamanic healing, energetic healing, counselling, working with flower essences and IDT (interactive drawing therapy). She will assist you to release old energies, thought patterns and ways of being that are keeping you stuck and small, so that you can spread your creative passionate self-loving wings and shine brightly as the soul you came here to be.  

Flowers unfold slowly and gently, bit by bit in the sunshine, and a soul, too, must never be pushed or driven but unfolds in its own perfect timing to reveal its true wonder and beauty
— Eileen Caddy, The Findhorn Garden