November newsletter

"Whatever we fully embrace always reveals the peace that we were seeking through all our attempts to avoid discomfort."
~ Gangaji

Dear Friend,

Are you familiar with the figure above? His name is Shiva and like all the Indian deities he represents an archetypal energy that lies within you. He is the Lord of the underworld and also of the heavens. Not only is he a symbol for the energy of destruction but also for the force of liberation.

At this time of Halloween it is Shiva, Lord of the underworld, who welcomes the ghouls and goblins to his party. He dances with them all, without favoring the lighter energies (or aspects of self) as other deities tend to. I love the teaching in this, that your ability to welcome all parts of yourself is directly bound up with your liberation. As Alan Watt's said, freedom or liberation, is 'the absence of inner conflict’


julia berkeley